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 Creative Galina

A simply creative individual, Galina Gegeneva, is a fitness competitor, model, resilient innovator, and jewelry designer that has a pure love for the art of design.  Her personal style consists of fresh, imaginative flirty concepts that embrace femininity and strength.  However, achieving fitness perfection was not easy for Galina; she rigorously fought her way from 184 lbs. defeating anorexia and bulimia to maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  Now, at 145 lbs. and abs of steel she serves as a fitness role model and motivator for women from all walks of life.  “Set your mind and just do it. It’s just that simple,” is Galina’s motto to meeting your goals.  “Create your own miracles and have a faith in yourself!”

Creative Galina Art Studio

Cinematography by Pedro Guimaraes.

 Featured on Jenny Passey Groth Blog "Jen Fits Playground"